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Rates & Services

Whole Home Power Wash Pricing Chart*

Residence Size         Cost

1500 sq ft or less         $90

1501-1800 sq ft         $105

1801-2000 sq ft         $125

2001-2250 sq ft         $140

2251-2500 sq ft         $160

2501-2750 sq ft         $175

2751-3000 sq ft         $190

3001-3250 sq ft         $205

3251-3500 sq ft         $220

3501-3750 sq ft         $235

*additional charges may apply for large porches, stoops, or steps

Sizemore Power Wash is a locally owned and operated Power washing company that specializes in power washing houses, decks, driveways and fences  in the Metro Richmond area

At Sizemore Power Washing , I am focused on providing power washings services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – I will do everything I can to exceed your expectations. Pricing is based on square footage of the structure.  Please give me a call so that I can answer all your power washing needs.